How good are you at Social Media? Are you ready to be your own Community Manager? In this post we tell you how to improve a Facebook Page for business and get more and happier customers. Let’s start from the beginning. Why should a company use Facebook?

First of all, increase exposure to potential customers and gather more leads. The point is that Social Media helps to establish a long term relationship with the users. A company can get more than likes from Facebook. Actually this is a tool to get engagement and, much better, make a connection with the followers outside of Facebook.  Contests, giveaways or newsletters are strategies to lead them to your website and, from there, convince them to become into customers.

Secondly, Social Media is a way to save in your Marketing expenses. Many people think that Facebook is for free, but when we talk about business, that is not completely true as it requires time and time costs money. But it is undeniable that it is cheaper than paid campaigns or TV ads, so we could say that it is cheaper than other marketing tools. In your posts you can talk about the benefits of your products, share new offers, communicate straight with your followers and know what they like or not.[Tweet “Facebook is not for free as it is time consuming and time means money”]

In addition to this, Facebook Pages for business offer a paid advertisement option that is not very expensive and is really effective at reaching a target audience. We have come across cases of businesses that impressively relay their seasonal sales on Facebook ads and it works. We don’t recommend Social Media as the only marketing solution, but it can support other promotional initiatives and push the sales in a short term.

On the other hand, you can know a lot about your competitors from their Facebook Pages. It sounds evil, but all smart marketers should look at the competitors to know what they are doing out there and which niche of audience they are reaching. In the same way, Facebook lets you know a lot about the people liking your page. If we know which kind of post, content, images or videos are more likable for a target public we can adapt our publications in order to get more engagement. The best way to know the characteristics of the users is going to Facebook Insights.

Another good reason to use a Facebook Page for business is to be mobile. The vast majority of Facebook users are accessing  the sites via their phone. It means that your page, and all the links to your website from there, will be more accessible thanks to this mobile social media.

Last but not least, a modern and trendy customer expects you to have a Facebook Page so, they will feel let down if they see that there is no Social Media to get in contact.

But, how to improve your Facebook Page for Business?

The fist step, of course, is creating the page as follows:


Step one hen creating a Facebook Page



Step two hen creating a Facebook Page



Step three when creating a Facebook Page



Avoid duplications:

Personal profile vs. Facebook Page

A very common error is creating a personal profile with the name of the company and, from that profile create the page of the company. This is a duplication and when the users look for the brand they will get confused. They will start publish and liking content of both profiles and you will be losing opportunities to strengthen the main page, missing likes and engagement.

Use a personal profile with a name to create the Facebook Page. Otherwise Facebook could close your page site and you will lose all the work and links done. 


How to create a good Facebook page for a business profile

The Facebook Page is one of the easiest ways people have to get information about your company. Don’t leave it blank. Fill it with important information and links to your website. Don’t forget to include all the useful information that potential customers wish to know, like opening hours, address, phone, email, etc.

Furthermore, it is really annoying when a user is reading something in a Facebook Page and they get interested, they try to find out what the company is about and there is no description there. So, don’t waste your user’s time and describe what you are and what you sell straight away.

 The Web Centre Facebook profile

Use the correct size for your pictures

Remember your Social Media pages are speakers for your brand. Every message and picture communicates what you are, your spirit and your professionalism. Therefore, take care of every detail. Change your profile picture and cover photo frequently to show you are there, available and always working on the company. Use catchy images for your cover picture and, even better, connect the cover picture with the profile photo.


Example of cover and profile pictures linked from Breaking Bad Facebook page


But use always good quality photos in a proper size. Here you are the dimensions from Facebook:

Facebook pictures sizes


Choose content that supports your strategies and goals

The content shared in a Facebook Page for business has to be consistent with the sector of the company and the products sold. A Facebook Page for business has to give ideas and solutions to the users who can eventually find what they are looking for in your company.  This content has to lead the users to your website adding links to different sections of the site, offers, products, contact, quotes or forms (where they could leave their contact details and where you will get the long term relationship we talked before). The page can include call-to-action buttons like this:




Content to share. Don’t advertise all the time. Make your Facebook Page a place where you can show the personality of your brand.

  • Facebook is the perfect place to share useful information. If you have a blog or news section on your site, share the posts on your Facebook Page, always adding links pointing to the website. The same if there is news related to the company that has been published by others.
  • Content from authorities on your own sector. If you read blogs about things related with your sector or with your products that can be useful for your potential customers, share them. There is no problem showing that the company looks at others to get information and the followers will appreciate it.
  • Images, videos and infographics. They go viral easier and they are more attractive than text.  If creating your own banners, where possible put your own stamp on it.
  • Moments of your company. People like human companies and the way to show this on a Facebook Page for business is through expressions, opinions and, even sharing experiences from the staff. Pictures of the office, in funny moments delight followers.


Tips on posting

  • No grammar mistakes
  • Not very promotional
  • Good quality images
  • Answer your followers
  • Direct people to your site or blog
  • Measure everything. Audience, post most viewed, kind of content they prefer…


Use the Facebook Page as a customer service channel

Don’t miss the opportunity to use Facebook as a customer service platform. This is the perfect way to hear your customers’  opinions and get ideas on how to improve your services and make them happier and, therefore, loyal. For a good follower experience:

  • Answer every private message they send. Make them feel special.
  • Comment in the comment section to generate conversation. Don’t be always in the middle and let the followers talk between them, but add value and opinion if it is possible in a kind and friendly manner.
  • Ask questions. People love to answer questions and feel their ideas are important. Get them involved.

[Tweet “Don’t miss the opportunity to use Facebook as a customer service platform. This is the perfect way to hear your customers’ opinions”]


Facebook is great for all kinds of business and it would be a pity not to take advantage of it to win the hearts of your customers and show the best part of your company.

Are you using a Facebook Page for your business? Share your experiences with us and help us to improve our knowledge about this amazing Social Media platform.