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Benefits of having a site for your brand

There are countless benefits of a website for a small business. In this post we are going to tell you the main 5 reason why you should have a site for your business, as 63% of the companies in Ireland have. Organisations with online presence improve their brand awareness, their reputation and their sales dramatically, apart from saving money in marketing and easing the relationship with their customers. But, what are exactly the things that a good website can make for your business?

As you can read in this interesting article of The Irish Times and, according to Ireland’s domain registry, 37 per cent of Irish small and medium enterprises have no online presence. This means that there are a lot of work to do in Ireland to convince companies to invest in online platforms to boost their brands and revenues. Here you are a bunch of reasons to start building a presence online for your brand.

1. Brand awareness

One of the most important thing of having a site is that your company would have access to another world; online world. This world includes key channels of communications like social media, forums, chats, blogs, etc. Your brand will have a bigger presence and, therefore, more chances of spreading the benefits of your products, your mission, the most important differences with your competitors and the values behind your brand.

Having a website is an opportunity of controlling the communications and the information about your brand, your activity and your products. This is important because you can take over of the most visible part of your company, highlighting that side that makes it more competitive and appealing. Through a good content a company can show its expertise and insight of the industry. There are many companies that have used their sites and blog very smartly. Take a look at some examples:

  • Chill  Insurance Blog. This company has won blog awards in Ireland because they knew how to use their site to connect with their audience. They usually talk about thing related with property, cars and other things that can be of interest of people looking for home or car insurance. This strengthens the brand and they are providing with useful information to their potential and current clients. They are being helpful and that makes them look for trustworthy, what is really important when someone looks for an insurance company.
  • Endomondo. This is and sport mobile app and they blog is clearly used to strengthen their brand power. They give tips on sport, but in healthy life habits and lifestyle as well. This section and the site itself is useful for the business but for the users of the app as well. The company has created a digital health and fitness community that help the user to make the most of their app and that generate engagement and, eventually, more sales for their online shop.

Example corporate blog

[ctt template=”5″ link=”mbuh1″ via=”no” ]Having a website is an opportunity of controlling the communications and the information about your brand.[/ctt]

2. Visibility

The most obvious benefit of a website for a small business is that you can easily get visibility for your business. On the one hand, the business will have a place online to show the brand information, products and services features, etc. That place provides content for social media and other media as well and, therefore, visibility.

When a potential customer get a referral of a company from a friend or an existing customer, the first thing they usually do is going to the Internet and look for important information. When the site they find is full of useful information, trustful and visually professional there are a lot of chances of closing a sale as the referral match with a proper corporate site. The same happen when we see a campaign on media or social media. If we feel curious about a company we go to the site to see their offers more in detail, therefore the information we display there about the business can transform a regular user into a potential customer and, hopefully a real customer.

On the other hand, it is impossible to be in Google without a site and not being in search engines is definitely not existing. Of course, you won’t be in Google just for having a site. The site should be SEO optimised if you want to be in the first positions. In our post “How To Create SEO-Rich Content For Your Site” we give you some tips to create content more SEO friendly that can let you rank better for the keywords of your SEO strategy.

Market Expansion. http://www.webpresencesolutions.net/small-business-website-benefits/

3. More sales

In terms of revenue, one of the evident benefits of a website for a small business is the sales that can be directly closed through it. A site can be a new platform to sell our products and services. According to the Central Statistics Office, 27.9% of medium size companies in Ireland had an e-commerce site in 2015. This means that they are hindering their ability to increase their sales by not having an e-commerce platform.

A corporate website should offer as many choices as possible to the users to complete actions without leaving the site to prevent them from give up on purchasing our products. If the site is well structure, there will be triggers all around the pages that will encourage the user to keep navigating and that eventually will help them to decide to purchase. It is essential to count on have a reliable online sales platform where the process can be completed safely and easily.

All the investments in online improvements should be linked to business goals. The final reason a company goes online is increasing their sales and revenue and thus, all the efforts have to be focused on work together in the same marketing strategy.

4. Get contacts

Another significant point on having a site for SME are the contacts and leads you can get. A good site can include forms and subscriptions, requests and comments from potential customers. This means contacts that can become into real customers in the future if we take care of them. On the other hand, the site can be a perfect channel to nurture a relationship with current clients in order to make them loyal and brand embassadors.  Throughout a subscriptions we could keep them informed about new offers but provide them with useful information in order to make them feel how important they are to the company.

There are many strategies to get contact from potential customers form a corporate site. We strongly recommend this post of Marketing Land about how to convert email subscribers to customers.

Other important up side of a website for a small business is that they can run email marketing campaigns targeting the users that have subscribed the blog or that have filled a form. This marketing tool is really effective as gives the chance to narrow the target audience. Learn in this post more about how to create the best email marketing strategy.

5. Information and point of contact with your customers

The last of the important factors of having a corporate site is the use as customer service tool. It is a very effective point of contact as it opens the range of channels. Working together with social media, the relationship with the potential and current customer can improve a lot. This closer relationship will provide us with important and fast feedback from out users, what is really helpful at the time to target the audience of our communications better and improve the products and services.

A corporate site can be as useful and enriching for your business as you want. It can be a source of revenue but of problems as well if we don’t use it properly. There will be more exposure of the brand and that can be dangerous if there is lack of strategy and control. But there is no doubt of a website is a powerful and indispensable in the XXI century for almost every company that want to be present out there. However, as every side of a business, it should be done with professionalism and rigorousness, otherwise, it could turn out being  even counterproductive.

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