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Adwords Account Management

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the way you can make sure your site is one of the first found in Search Engines. As Adwords specialists we strongly believe in the power of Google Adwords to boost the presence of a business online. It is the most effective advertisement in the world, based on user experience and results that definitely make the difference in marketing strategies.

Google Adwords was designed to offer the best results possible to potential customers looking for something on the internet. This is the biggest advantage of this advertising platform, as the users are already interested in the content of the ads displayed as a result of their enquiries.

For us it is really important that the client understands the service they are paying for. Google Adwords is an advertisement service that makes it possible to display ads on Google that meet a user’s keyword search. With the use of an algorithm, Google chooses the best ads on their database following strict criteria of quality and bids (maximum money the advertiser is willing to pay for every keyword).

Adwords has different kind of billing options and different kinds of ads (Search, Display, Video, Shopping). Our Adwords specialist will advise you on the best choices for your business, making the campaign as profitable as possible.

Insights on the Google Adwords Auction

On the video below we can see how the Google Ad Auction works. Google takes into consideration many factors in order to show your Ad on the first results and not only the amount of Euros you’re willing to pay. Other factors are the Ad  CTR (Click through Rate), the Ad landing page experience and Ad Relevance. Our Adwords Management team can help you improve your CTR and will test different Ad Copies to find the more relevant. As experienced Web Design, we can work together to create successful landing pages for your Adwords campaigns.


We help organisations to find the keywords mostly entered by potential customers looking for their products and services online. From deep research on the company and their competitors, we will come up with a strategy to develop the best PPC campaigns for your business, based on measurable results.

Our Adwords specialists don’t just set up the account, they will test the campaigns regularly, tracking the behaviour of the users after every click and testing the effectiveness of every campaign and keyword.  

Request a quote and learn how an Adwords campaign could help improve your business.

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