You have most likely invested your time and energy not to mention your money on your new website, but you’re not benefiting yet from the Free Google My Business Page. Creating your Google My Business Page is easy, free and can bring many benefits to your business, there is nothing to lose and much to win.

Why is it important to set up a Google My Business Page?

  • Increase the chances of being found by new users.
  • It makes Google aware of your business and location, what helps legitimate your business in Google’s eyes. This will increase the chance of ranking higher, as it increases trust, which is one of the ranking factors in Google algorithm.
  • Your business will stand out more, as it will appear on the Knowledge Panel. You can see the Knowledge Panel on the image below, on the right-hand side of the page.


  • Having a Google My Business Page opens the possibility to appear on the Google Three Pack. The Google Three Pack is the part of the page that normally appears under the Google Maps section, as shown in the image below. The page needs to be completed, active and visited to appear on the Three Pack results.


  • It allows your clients/ customers to add reviews about your brand and your products/services. Having reviews is highly important these days, it is one important local ranking factor, helps eCommerce conversions and increases reputation.  As soon as you set up your Google My Business start asking for reviews!


  • Your Google My Business Page helps you to be found. As your business will be added to Google maps your potential and current clients/customers can know more about where are you placed and can ask for directions of how to arrive at your premises.


  • It gives access to the users by one-click to directions to your business, a phone call and your website.
  • It helps your local SEO efforts, as having a Google My Business Page it is one of the most important factors, as recently revealed on the  “Local Search Ranking Factors Survey Results 2017” by Moz.


  • It allows you to add pictures and videos of your business, this helps users to have a better idea of your business and products/services. Also, it is fundamental to add your logo. There is always more chances of users clicking at your profile if you include it.
  • Your business hours can be displayed, which is a really useful information to potential clients/customers.

Are all the companies eligible to create a Google My Business Page?

As the “Guidelines for representing your business on Google” states: “In order to qualify for a Google My Business listing, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours.” If it is your case then you have two possibilities:

  • Your business has a physical location.
  • Your business doesn’t have a physical location, as will be for example the case of a freelancer that works from home.  In this case, you will need to set up your Page as Service-area Business

Don’t worry, everything is explained on the next few lines.

How to setup your Google My Business Page?

1.Go to

2.Sign up. You will be asked to log in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google Account you will need to create one.

3.Once you log in, you will arrive at the following screen, where you will need to fill in some standard information regarding your business.


The only two fields that can be more problematic are the Eircode and the Category.

  • To find your Eircode you can go to
  • To find the Category which your business belongs to, you can just type the category on the field and Google will show you different options.


  • If you’re still not sure, check this list of categories offered by Moz. Also, there is some more information about Categories in:

    Be also aware of the consistency of the information you give to Google, it is highly important. For this reason, ensure that your details (company name, address, telephone, logo, etc.) are the same on your website, your Google My Business Page and elsewhere you have your business mentioned. If you use different data, Google might think is it another entity.

    4. Click Continue.

    5.Google My Business with an address or without an address (Service -area Business). Once the new screen appears, you will need to specify if you deliver goods and services to your customer’s location.

    • If you have a physical address but you do not deliver on your customer’s location click no.
    • If you do have a physical address and deliver as well on customers location, then click yes.
    • If you do not have a physical address, click yes.


Then if you have answered yes to the previous question, you will need to choose the radius and answer to the second question, if you serve also at your business address.

  • If you have a physical address check the field.
  • If you do not have a physical address then leave the field as it is, empty.

6.Verify Information. At this moment, you will be prompted with a pop up asking you if you’re authorised to manage this business and agree to the Terms of Service. You will need to tick the field.


7.Click Continue.

8.Get Verification Code by Post. Now one other pop up window will appear asking how would you like to get your verification code, and the option will be by post (in other locations have the option by call as well).


9.Wait for the Verification Code. It will take a maximum of three weeks to receive in the post, so keep checking your post once you request it.

10.Introduce Verification Code. Once you receive the code you will need to go again to your Google My Business account and introduce it.

11.The Account it is now verified. Once Google My Business Page it is set up, the more complete the better. Then “Learn the basics of Google My Business” Google Video makes it very easy on how to add the information once the account it is verified. Have a look!


As soon as everything is set, you will have access as well to the Google My Business Insights , where you will be able to see how customers/clients find users actions.

If you wish you can have some more information on the following links:

And we highly recommend reading the Guidelines for representing your business on Google , before starting.

Now that you see how easy it is to set up and how many benefits it provides,  I’m sure that you will start right now setting up your Google My Business Page.  If, on the other hand, you would prefer us to set up your Google My Business, contact us!

Happy Google My Business set up!