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Email Marketing Campaign Management

Do you want to talk directly with your potential customers? Are you looking for a solution for telling them about your products and offers in the most direct and effective way? Email Marketing is a cost-effective way of sending communications and offers with highly measurable results. You will be able to easily check how many people opened your emails, how many ended up on your site, the failed sends and unsubscriptions.


Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is efficient because you are sending your commercial information to people who have already shown interest in your products. Therefore, it is more likely your audience is proactive and open to the idea of buying what your company offers.


Email Marketing lets you separate your target audience. This powerful marketing tool lets you segment your database of potential customers to send the right information to the right person. In this way, you can customise the campaigns and personalise your messages. The Digital Marketing team at The Web Centre will help you to design the best campaigns and the best time for them to be launched.  


The Web Centre Digital Agency provides your company with a whole solution for your Digital Marketing strategy, including Email Marketing campaign management. You just have to give us your opt-in email (term used when someone is given the option to receive email) and we will build the campaigns according to your business goals. Remember that in accordance with Irish legislation you will need to register with the Data Protection Commissioner before undertaking any email marketing.


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Google for Work

Do you know Google for Work?

Google is the best solution to manage your business. The Web Centre can help you to manage your account, your email hosting and much more. 

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