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It is a sunny day and life smiles on me. My business is growing and my followers on Social Media are multiplying and increasing my revenue and my brand awareness. I go to post something about my last offers and products and, horror! Facebook deleted my business page, what can I do?

We are forced to write about the tragedy some of our clients went though when, out of the blue, Facebook deleted their business Page without notification or any kind of  explanation. Many clients have asked us about this, astonished, because they suddenly had lost their Pages, Likes and posts. Here you are a handy article about how to avoid this along with possible solutions to the problem once it has happened.

Although we disapprove that Facebook deletes pages without notice, probably how we started our relationship with this Social Media has something some of the complications usually companies come across.  Let me explain me.

Differences between Pages and Personal Profiles

As per our experience, what usually happens when a business decide to run a Facebook Page is that they don’t even know the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile. A Facebook profile doesn’t have commercial purposes and represent individual people.

First of all, the owner of a profile should be a person, with a real name. Just a person can manage a Page, it means that the name of the profile can’t sound like a company (John Miller instead of Plumber Miller). The owner of the profile has “Friends” who can see their publications, shares and pictures, be tagged and interact with them freely. A Page is the official site on Facebook for a business and the rules for them are different. Facebook wants the relationships between their users are fair and transparent. Because of that they want to make very clear that a profiles belong to a person or a company in order to prevent the users receiving just commercial updates. Review this post f you have any doubt about how to create a Facebook page for business.

If Facebook deleted your business Page may be because you are publishing your commercial content from a personal profile and that is forbidden by the Facebook’s rules. They explain the reasons of this very clearly in this page about pages vs. personal accounts.

The main difference is that a company has followers and can reach much more people than a profile. Actually in a personal profile you just can have up to 5.000 friends. Apart from that, once you have reached 30 likes in your business Page you will be able to access the Insight tool, where you can check the progress of the likes for your Page, the engagement of each publication.


Facebook Insights


The other main difference is, as a company, you won’t be able to tag people. Yo can suggest the page for other user to like it, but you can no make that personal mention. Facebook understands it as “spam” as you are getting visits with commercial purposes. The users have to proactively interact with your page, even though they will see your updates in their News.

Another important feature a Page has is the possibility to include Call to Action buttons. They offer the next choices.

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Call to Action Facebook buttons

What you can do if Facebook deleted your Page

Despite their hardness Facebook can show when blocking your account, they usually give us the opportunity to convert the Profile into Page. These are the steps to follow to take the Likes, Posts and Insights tool back:

1. Make sure you have access to the email you add when creating the profile and an ID of the person who created the account.

2.Create a Page for your business if you don’t have one yet.

3.Most probably Facebook will ask you to send your ID to check if the data match the data of the person who created the account.




4.It may happened that Facebook deletes the Page before you took all the steps above. In that case they will block the account but they will give you the chance to add another administrator. In that case they will block the account for couple of days, but after about two weeks you will have access again under the new profile created with the new administrator.

5.In the case that you already had a personal profile and a Page under the company’s name, you should merge both the new page created from the profile and the one you had already.


Change administrator for a Facebook Account

 How to convert a Profile into a Page

Facebook is clear on when you should convert your personal account to a Facebook Page. But sometimes we don’t even realise that our Page is a personal profile and, overnight, Facebook deletes the page without notice.

1. The first thing is having access to the login details of the personal account the page was created from. It can happen that other person from the company opened the account and they are not working with us anymore. That will be a problem because Facebook will ask you to verify the personal profile. Therefore, you have to figure out how to access to that account if you are not the original administrator of the profile.

After this you will need to check if your business is currently running a profile or a page. Find the differences between these two pictures:

Facebook Page

Example of Facebook Page



Facebook Profile

Example of Facebook Profile

As you can see, in a Page you have a different tool bar and the cover and profile pictures and displayed differently. On the other hand, the sidebar for them are different as well.

Facebook Profile sidebar

Facebook Profile sidebar


















Facebook Page sidebar

Facebook Page sidebar

Within a Profile you can have more than one Page, if you have different business or if you manage other’s business pages.

If you realise that you have been managing a Profile instead a Page, you are still on time to make the conversion. Follow the next steps:

1.The first step is clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/migrate/. Follow the steps as you can see in this tutorial.


2.When your Profile has been converted into a Page, it is probably that you got a duplication if you had already created a Page. In this case you have to go to your Page Settings tab, go to General and scroll down to Merge Pages. 

Merge Options for a Facebook Page

At this point you will have to choose which two pages you want to merge and specify which of them is the main one and therefore the one you want to keep as your Business Page. Facebook will transfer all the friends you had in the profile and they will transform them into Likes and the problem will have been solved.

Believe it or not, this is a very common problem and I can cost you your successful Facebook page. Our advise is reading about Facebook policy before open a profile or page in order to make sure you are following the right workflow to get an effective and safe Facebook Page.

Have you ever had this kind of problems with your Facebook account? We are anxious to know your stories.