G Suite



G Suite is the solution to manage your email in a more efficient way. G Suite is part of Google and Google cloud technology is a pioneer in performance, reliability and security. Which ensures that your company information is secure apart from being accessible from any device.

G Suite not only offers you email management, also make at your disposal drive, Google Docs, Hangouts and their Calendar.
The most important property of G Suite is that offers a professional email management with Gmail, allowing you to have your own corporate email name. Branding reputation
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Includes up to 30GB and 24/7 support.. With this, Google offer 99.9% efficiency, meaning that you are not losing time and emails due to technical errors.


Drive and Google Docs

It also offers you the possibility to collaborate on real time with other members of your company or external collaborations as well, never losing your security. The package to collaborate include Google Docs, that is similar to Office, including:

  • Sheets: Spreadsheets for numerical calculations and professional documents. Manage all your data, ready to be analysed. (similar to Excel)
  • Docs: Tools for writing letters and other documents. (similar to Word)
  • Slides: Create image and text slides for presentations.(similar to Power Point)

It includes as well drive, that give you access to all your stored documents on the cloud. Additionally, it can be use from any device, bringing you the possibility to work from anywhere on the same document.

  • Drive. Cloud storage for access from anywhere.

You will all be able to edit all the documents at the same time while adding comments, with access to the history of all the editions made.

It also includes the possibility to do video meetings with Hangouts

Also, offer the possibility to have Individual and shared calendars, what will allow you organizing your meeting on a more efficient way all across your company.