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Google for Work

Google for Work

Tired of no space in your email account? Tired of important email not reaching you?

Behind the apparently unimportant email hosting there are branding factors, a business management concept that affects the reputation and reliability of your company.  Email hosting is a big deal and Google for Work is the best solution.


With Google for work, you can have up to 30GB of emails. With this, Google offer 99.9% efficiency, meaning that you are not losing time and emails due to technical errors.

Suite of Google for Work apps

On top of that you will have full access to the Google suite of apps, which include:

  • Drive. Cloud storage for access from anywhere.
  • Calendar: Individual and shared calendars.
  • Sheets: Spreadsheets for numerical calculations and professional documents. Manage all your data, ready to be analysed.
  • Docs: Tools for writing letters and other documents.
  • Slides: Create image and text slides for presentations.


Apart from creating documents, you will have the chance to share all the files with your colleagues and create collaborative documents. You will all be able to edit all the documents at the same time while adding comments, with access to the history of all the editions made.

With Google for Work you can also have instead of


All this for a nominal set-up free, plus less than the cost of a hot lunch per user per month and 24/7 technical support by email and mobile.


Update: Google for Work is now Google Cloud

Nothing has changed other than the exciting new name. You will still have access to the full suite of apps that Google has to offer. This suite of apps has now also changed its name, from Google Apps to G Suite. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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