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If you are looking to create a website with the best Content Management System, then the most important step is how to choose the best WordPress business theme to attain your digital goals. The sections below highlight what key points you should bear in mind when you are creating a website for your company. WordPress is one of the best options out there because of the wide range of templates available. But the choice shouldn’t be random.

1. Choose an appropriate theme for your sector

Of course, this decision will not be easy when you have no experience with web design and everything will be simpler if you have professional advice. But you can get more involved if you have an idea about what kind of template you are looking for. When you consult WordPress.org you can filter for “themes” and filter again for different subjects that can help you at the beginning to get an idea of the kind of template you should go for. Google provides many results on different pages with a good selection of themes for specific sectors and industries.

After having a look at the different options, you could share your insight with the web designer who will create the site for you, and start customising the template according to your needs.

2. Picking a theme that reflects your priorities

Second, but no less important, is studying which kind of site you will need to reach your online goals. If you sell art or food, pictures will be essential and you will have to be aware of that when choosing your WordPress business theme. On the contrary, if you are promoting nutritional products, it would be prudent to consider having a website with important information about these products and their health benefits. With all that in mind you should pick a template that fits those requirements. The following site provides a lot of themes for startups and small businesses.

3. Support and documentation


After selecting the most appropriate Wordpress business theme, it is imperative to receive enough support to maintain the site, update the content and images and install the plugins needed to run the business online and reach its target audience. If a web design company is used to manage the site there won’t be a problem, as the web designers have the knowledge to modify the code themselves.

To attempt it without a professional, it is vital that the chosen theme has enough documentation available to be able to easily change and improve the site. WordPress is an open source system and the resources available for it depends on the developers that create the tutorials and other support documents. This means that there are some themes that are better documented than others. Therefore, the choice of theme will dictate the number of issues encountered later in the web development process.

A professional web designer can make all of this much more straightforward, although they will still get into some trouble if the chosen theme contains poor documentation or layout.

4. Responsiveness web design

Today, overlooking the responsiveness of a site is forbidden. Many users visit websites from their mobile phone now and you they shouldn’t be driven away because they don’t have access to the full information or images. In terms of search engine optimisation, web responsiveness is important as well, as Google gives prominence to this fact when deciding which pages to show in their results.

On the other hand, for an e-commerce site, a specific Wordpress business theme may not be suitable for selling from mobile phones and that could lead to a loss of business. For more information on this topic, read this complete article about responsive web design.

5. Browser compatibility

Sometimes after working hard on a site, it is tested and everything works perfectly. Then it is opened from another place, with another browser and…OMG! nothing is in its place. This is because browser compatibility wasn’t considered when searching for a WordPress business theme.

Most WordPress theme developers test their themes rigorously by using sophisticated browser compatibility testing tools, but just in case, it is convenient to bear that in mind when making the choice. A professional web developer can help to check this part of the web design in order to avoid unpleasant surprises with browser incompatibility.

6. A WordPress theme for a multilingual site?


With an e-commerce store it is possible to sell products to customers anywhere in the world. These customers require different language versions of the site, but not all the themes of a Content Management System support this kind of option.

There are many aspects to think of when trying to translate the whole content of a site into other languages such as the Social Media plugings, SEO configuration, meta data of all the elements and other technical aspects. It can happen that problems are encountered trying to include a flag switcher in the menu or when trying to adapt the different widgets installed for the site. A professional developer should know how to implement this but, again, the chosen theme will affect how all the changes work.

To learn how to create a multilingual site, take a look at this blog where they explain how to create a multilingual web site.

7. WordPress business themes SEO friendly

The template to select for the site is important in terms of SEO as well. The amount of images and the structure of the content is essential for letting search engines know how they should read the information in the site and the theme determines that.

The kind of plugins supported by the theme and, especially the SEO plugins and their suitability for the style and possibilities that the theme offers, can affect the way your site performs in search engines. Therefore, when deciding on a template for your site, think about this essential element of the visibility of your website. If you are interested in SEO, read our 5 ways to boost your search engine profile.

It could be difficult for beginners to analyze a theme’s source code on their own. Because of this, a professional web developer’s view may be necessary to obtain first position in Google’s search results.

8. Supported plugins

It is possible to do almost anything on WordPress with the correct plugins. The theme chosen has to be appropriate for those functionalities you are looking for. There are certain plugins that must be installed such as Gravity Forms to create efficient and nice forms, Yoast SEO for the search engine performance, or W3 Total Cache plugin to improve the fast loading of your site.

Infographic on how to choose the best WordPress business theme

All of the above elements must be considered while choosing the WordPress theme for a business website. Keeping these in mind will help provide the best theme, which in turn will allow the best online presence possible. Taking the necessary time to choose the best possible theme will save countless hours in the long term, whilst providing an outstanding final product to be proud of and make the site easier for customers to find though search engines.

Is there any other point we should think about when choosing a WordPress theme for a business site? Let us know in the comments.