Web Developers usually come across clients that want to manage basic things within their corporate sites but they don’t know how. One frequent question is how to upload images in WordPress. In this section of The Web Centre Blog we will try to show straightforward workarounds to day-to-day site owners problems. Take note and let’s start with The Web Centre tutorials.

How to upload images in WordPress? This looks an easy thing, but it can be troublesome for people not used to content management systems like WordPress. Once you get your site finished it won’t take too much time until you need to make some changes in the content of one of the pages of your site. Images are essential to make the content attractive and interesting. The negative effect of the lack of images in a corporate site is easy to check; high bounce rate, low number of return visitors and lack of engagement on Social Media. Because it is really important that a company’s site includes updated pictures of the logo, the products and services they offer and being able to do it by yourself saves a lot of time and even money. Jeff Bullas explain the importance of images in this handy post.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”5Cd_l” via=”no” ]Lack of images in a corporate site is easy to check; high bounce rate, low number of return visitors and lack of engagement on Social Media.[/ctt]

We will explain here how to become independent and self-sufficient whilst adding images to your site for new products or services, your homepage or for other sections.

How to manage Media photos

The first thing you should do to upload images in WordPress is familiarize yourself with the options available after logging in your Worpress site. The menu is on the left hand side of the screen and there you will find the tab Media. If you click there it will appear a sub-menu with two options: Library,  where you will find all the pictures already uploaded and Add New. Clicking in this option you will be able to add new pictures to your media which can be used in any pages or posts you wish.


How to open pictures in WordPress


Upload an image in WordPress


Add new image in WordPress


Add new pictures from the page editor

When we are choosing a picture it is most likely that we have to upload it from a particular post or page. You will find the option on the top of the text editor, as you can see in the screenshot below. Click in Add Media and you will access the same screen of Media, we talked about in How to manage the photos of Media. 


Add Media in WordPress


Edit a picture from Media in WordPress

WordPress offers the option to partially edit the pictures to adjust them to a page or post. But the most important feature of this section is that you also can edit things the reader won’t see. Google and other search engines read internal descriptions of some of the elements of a site when they are picking the results that will be in the first positions for a user search.

With this editor you can tell search engines what a picture is showing in case the user has any problem viewing the image from their browsers. Google will take this description into account at the time to decide what the page is about, and placing a strategical keyword can be beneficial. Find out more of how boost your search engine profile.

Edit a picture with WordPress

Steps to add a Featured Image

Featured Image is the picture of your post or page you want to be displayed when it is shared in Social Media and other platforms. This picture is the one that will be in the homepage of the blog as well.


How to upload a featured image


This is how a featured image looks when the post or page is shared in Social Media.


How to add featured images with WordPress


To add this image you have to go to the bottom right of the screen and click in Set Featured Image. Depending of the WordPress theme of your site, the size of this picture should be adjusted if you want it to look well in the homepage of the blog. Is always better if you edit this picture with another editor like Photoshop as they are more accurate than the WordPress editor. The program will give the options of dropping files from your own computer, from Media or even from a URL.






Upload Featured images

After uploading the featured image you should see the picture in a box in the Featured Image section.


Featured image


Where can you find pictures for your site or blog?

As we said at the beginning, images are essential for the success of a site or blog.  It is important to know where we can find these pictures. Everything depends on the budget available, but there is plenty of free stock photos out there. It is important to pay attention to the copyright specifications for each pictures and check the quality, as a poor picture is even worse than a lack of it. Some of these places are:

Of course, there are paid alternatives for pictures and vectors. The most famous are:

We hope uploading pictures in your site is easier now. Anyway, if you have any question, feel free to ask in comments.