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The 21st century business card is a website. Everybody knows that but, unfortunately,  not all the companies act with this in mind and they make common mistakes when creating their corporate website design. According to the Central Statistics Office, 75% of the companies in Ireland had a website or homepage in 2015, however, it doesn’t mean that all of them are using those site properly in order to reach their business goals.

In this post you will find out which mistakes you should avoid in order to get the best corporate website design for your company.

Mistakes in Corporate Website

Not having website

It sounds incredible, but there are 25% of small and medium businesses in Ireland that still don’t have a website. It could make sense to not have a website for certain industries not reaching the general public, but it is good practice for a company within any sector to have online presence.

Nevertheless, there are still too many companies out there that should be online and they are not. Plumbers, butchers, freelancers of many sectors who didn’t create an online site to explain to their customers who they are, what they do and where. A basic website is a presentation of a business. It says we are modern, accessible and available for our customers. A website can portray and promote a company’s services without spending money on advertising, while doing more for the brand than any other kind of marketing campaign.

Website SEO unfriendly

If a company wants to take a step further and be present in Google, it is not enough just having a site. A common mistake in corporate website design is creating it without Search Engine Optimisation in mind. Following basic rules like a general keyword research and a simple on-page optimisation, your business could rank better in search engines and be in the top positions for the searches of your current industry.

If a company doesn’t count on an SEO specialist, it would be really useful to take some measures in order to keep their site SEO friendly. For one, you should make sure that Google will be able to read your site. Having a site full of images without texts or not structuring your content properly can also effect your ranking in search engines.

In this post we tell you five ways to boost your search engine profile.

Poor design

Appearance is important in all fields we move in. You can not attend a meeting with a potential client wearing a track suit, can you? In the same way you can not introduce a company to their potential customers with a poorly designed website. This is saying that that business is careless and not professional.

A corporate website design should transmit the spirit of the company; some businesses need to portray an image of seriousness, some need to come across as creative and original, while others need to display empathy and sensitivity.

There are also sectors that must be more up to date than others. Therefore, when creating a website it is important to ensure the design is aligned with the image of modernity the company should transmit. The web developers should be aware of the latest trends on designs and functionality for a site in the field the business is working.  

Colours, fonts, images and layout should be consistent with the general tone of the site and the company. Logos, banners and calls-to-action on the website have to match and work together to complete the global sense and personality of the company.

Example of corporate website design of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is a good example of consistency in web design.

Poor navigation

One of the common mistakes in corporate website design is creating a site full of images, information about the business and other data that is not that easy to assimilate for the user. Sometimes the site is beautiful and eye-catching, but the navigation is complicated and the user has difficulties in accessing the pages that are the most important to reach the business goals.

The key point is to keep the right balance between a nice design and usability. Tips for improving the user experience and navigation are:

  •  Keep it simple and light. It is very tempting to fill the pages of a corporate site with banners with special offers or with images of the products, but it is also important to not overload the website with pictures and videos that can slow the site down, as this is one of the main reasons why users leave a site without taking any action.
  • Calls to action to lead the user to the most interesting content in terms of business, such as sections “products” or “sign up”.
  • Clear menu with accurate navigation titles.
  • Site maps and breadcrumbs trail. They make it easier for the user to understand the whole content the website is offering.

In this article you can get more ideas on how to improve the navigation of your website.

Put aside Digital Marketing.

Not every businessman is savvy in Digital Marketing, but it is recommended to learn the most basic strategies to not waste the opportunity to promote the company online through the website. Asking for help in this matter is a good investment if one is not willing to learn the most basic things about Digital Marketing. Three things to think about:

Social Media

Nowadays Social Media can be a platform where a company can promote their products, but it can work as a customer service tool as well. This is a cheap (however time consuming, and that is money as well), but efficient and useful for reaching some business aims.

Obviously, not all Social Media is good for every company, but a good Social Media Strategy usually brings in traffic, and eventually customers, to a website. We recommend this post for more information about Social Media for small business.


The first place a customer will look for a product is Google and companies should be aware of that fact when they are in the corporate website design process. We are not going further on SEO basics in this post, just remember the importance of keywords and content strategy when tackling the creation of the texts for your website.

Email Marketing

It is a pity that many small companies are not taking advantage of this amazing marketing tool yet. It is still alive despite what many marketers think. This is a great way to engage your audience, measure their interest in your products and keep them up to date of your news communication directly to their emails. It is the chance to talk with your potential customers personally and in a very affordable way. Mailchimp, for example, offers many possibilities to create email marketing campaigns in a very straightforward way.

Lack of content

This point links with the paragraphs above. Having good content is good for your SEO and for user experience. Not realising this, is a frequent error in corporate website design as web developers usually take care of the appearance of the site but not of the content within.


Bug being burned by lens

Is your website secure against cyber attacks and safe for your customers to buy online? This is mandatory when a company is trying to set up an online store. There are some fundamental aspects a company has to address in regards of cyber security in order to make sure any transaction they make through their website is safe and secure. The most essential security controls are:

  • Use strong passwords, using uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols.
  • Put up a firewall, as they are gatekeepers between your computer and the internet.
  • Use anti-spyware and anti-virus programs to detect and remove malicious code.
  • Update programs and systems regularly.
  • Control access. Watch who is managing the official websites and social media of the company and which level of access they have to the most important or sensitive data.
  • Monitor if there has been any intrusion, paying attention to the alerts sent by your control security system such as emails alarms.

Try to do it all by yourself

Many businesses try to do it all by themselves instead of being helped by professional web designers or digital marketing specialists. When you maintain your site yourself, you take the risk of wasting time you could be using to cultivate business. Updating content, publishing new offers etc, take time, especially when this is not your field. Because of that it is usually time saving and more efficient to hire a professional web designer to make things easier, especially at the first stage of a corporate website design process.

A website creation is an exciting step every business should take to grow and get more and more loyal customers. Don’t slow the inevitable and design your corporate website once and for all!