There is a thing that may look very silly but means a lot when creating a company, the email hosting for business. Behind this apparently unimportant element there are branding factors, a business management concept and much more. Keep reading and we will explain why you should choose Google email hosting for your business.

The employees of a company spend about 28% of their working day doing something regarding emails. It is a way to communicate with clients on behalf of the company, with our own colleagues and even as a marketing tool. This means it is important and is something we have to take care of. First of all, we shall  make it clear what we mean about when we talk about email hosting for business and then, why we recommend Google for Work.

Email hosting for business is a premium email hosting with professional purposes . Large enterprises usually run their own email hosting service, using software like Microsoft Exchange or Postfix. For small and medium businesses there are other cheaper and easier choices that offer better possibilities according to their needs. These other email hosting providers can manage a company’s own domain name, email authentication scheme.

But, why is having your own domain so important? Speaking plainly, it is the difference between having and  Simple, isn’t it? But this fact helps your company amazingly in three aspects:


When you include your brand in all your communications, and in your corporate email, you are promoting it. It is a way to show there is something really important and valuable behind it. This is an easy and effective strategy to make your communications more official and reinforce the brand at the same time.


It is more reliable as a recognisable seller than as a stranger who tries to sell you something in the street, isn’t it? A buyer feels more confident when they know exactly which company is trying to sell something to them, who the owners of the company are and where they are located. In the same way when your email hosting service gives you a corporate email address, it confirms that your company is serious enough that you invest money in your email system. Because the company is legitimate and it is not a guy from home selling things. This is how things work in Marketing. Every detail counts to generate trust and confidence with potential customers.


In the same way, a corporate email looks more professional. Again, image is really important, and when all the aspects of a company work together to contribute to build trust with the brand, at the end the product or service is seen as more reliable and valuable. Email communications are more and more important, therefore, email hosting for business is an important element in a smart internal and external communication strategy.

Google for work as email hosting

Email hosting for business


In the same way, a corporate email looks more professional. Again, image is really important, and when all the aspects of a company work together to contribute to build trust and brand, at the end the product or service is seen like more reliable and valuable. Email communications are more and more important, therefore, email hosting for business is an important element in a smart internal and external communication strategy.

Apart from that, good email hosting for business should offer something more. Google for Work provide with handy solutions to improve the management of a company. This include services such as Calendar, Drive (cloud storage), online document creation service, chat and video conferences with Hangouts.

Apart from email@owndomain, Google for Work includes 30GB mailboxes and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This platform lets you access your email from anywhere, from all devices and even from Outlook.

Google Drive

Google Drive for Work


Drive is the data storage system of Gmail. In addition to storing almost all kind of files, Google Drive has an option to create online documents (spreadsheets, text documents, presentations and even drawings). These documents are online, which means that they can be edited in real-time by different people whilst being shared. This is really beneficial when a team is working on the same project at the same time. It is possible to check the revisions, who made them and add comments. This really can make the difference in the life of a company, no matter the size. Actually, many big companies trust Google Drive to manage their information.

Security is an extra point with Drive, as Google will always keep a security backup of all the important data. The information in Google Drive is accessible by all the staff, regardless of their location.

Calendar is a great tool too. Many email hosting for business providers offer a calendar service, but what make this so handy is the way you can create collaborative calendars with members of your team to track how busy their agendas are. This is really useful when organising meetings, for example. Google Calendar allows you to edit events and share them with other people, add comments and notifications.

Messaging and video chat

I know, chatting is not a big deal anymore thanks to inventions like WhatsApp. But we are talking about business here, and an email hosting for business has to offer a highly professional video conference system to deal with clients online. One of the great things about technology, is that it can save us time travelling and commuting because we can do the same things from home or from the office. Management is one of them. We may have overseas clients or suppliers working from other cities and even part of the staff in other branches of the company. The success of these relationships depend on the effectiveness of the communication system.

Hangouts in Google offer the possibility of face-to-face meetings, the ability to record the meeting or to make a presentation. It can then be posted on YouTube. You can create Hangout communities and chat with other members about topics related with the business.

The chat is one of the other powerful communication tools of Google for Work. Images, documents and files from Drive or your own device can be attached to the conversation and sent instantly, without the need for creating and sending an email.


Hangouts Google for Work


The requirements for setting up an account with email hosting for business probably may involve migration and changing your domain’s DNS settings. These tasks are a little complicated for non IT experts. Many companies prefer to delegate their email hosting to other companies in order to save time and make sure all the changes in email addresses, etc, are done in a safe and correct way.

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