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Responsive Web Design

Buy, chat, learn, pick a product, check reviews for a restaurant… nowadays we do almost everything from our mobile phones or tablets. Responsive Web Design is the way to get your site visible in the way you like from a multitude of devices.

Potential customers are everywhere and your site should be ready to reach them. A not responsive web design can lose you clients and money. If a user visits your site whilst browsing the Internet from their mobile phones or tablets and doesn’t see properly what you have to offer, they will probably leave the site without doing anything like buying your products or services.

The strength of responsive web design is that it makes it possible to adapt your content, pictures, visuals, structure and resources to fit every screen size. At The Web Centre we bear in mind the responsive version of your site at all times, keeping the style and functionality of the desktop version and placing the appropriate elements to make the navigation suitable for any device.


Custom responsive web design

Our main concern is transferring the spirit of the client’s business to their website. Because of that, we are in constant contact with our customers to understand perfectly their needs and to capture the nature of the brand. In the same way, we study the behaviour of the users of the site and we try to boost the responsive web design version if we detect the most of your visits come from mobile devices.


Providing the information they’re looking for with intuitive navigation and a fast loading mobile site is the first step towards building a great user experience that can make you win a client in the future.

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