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SEO Services Dublin

The Web Centre SEO services Dublin always bears in mind SEO basics in their web designs. For all the sites we create, there are some basic elements that will be included in order to get an initial visibility in search engines. The basic SEO ensures the visibility of the site in search engines, whereas the advanced SEO takes extra measures in order to push the site to the top positions in search engine page results.

But for being the first, an extra effort is required. Our advanced SEO services in Dublín include:

Seo On Page

SEO On page, what happens in your site

Is your site ready for being understood by search engines? Search Engine Optimisation is the way to make your site friendly for Google, Bing or Yahoo. These search engines read the code (html) of your site in a particular order and give more importance to some elements than others. The art of leading the search engines through your website in the way they pick you as the best result for each user’s searches is named SEO. A good SEO strategy will get your site towards the first positions for a number of relevant keywords for your business.

In The Web Centre SEO Services Dublin we will research how your customers look for your products and services on the Internet. We study your competitors to see how we can beat them and position your site as the first result in search engines. To get that we will review the usability of your site, the structure of the code and content in order to optimise it and have it rated higher by Google in its search results page.

We are experts in keyword research and we can help you to understand better the way the users are looking for companies like yours on the internet. After research, we will come up with a list of keywords and we will adapt your content to boost every page to the first page of results.

SEO Off page, getting value from outside

Your position in Google doesn’t just depend on what you do in your site. What is happening outside is essential too. Which sites are linking to your site and the engagement from Social Media can make the difference in your position in Google. Search engines grant your site a score according to how relevant you are for the rest of the sites and the keywords the others use when they are adding a link from their sites.

When we create an SEO plan for you, we work on figuring out how to create a good link building strategy for your business and how to promote the content on Social Media.

SEO Off Page
Website Analytics

The importance of Analytics

How to know if everything is working? Measure is the key. It is vital to track the activity of the site to know how it is performing, where the customers are coming from and how they interact with the site to implement change and improve the results. With Google Analytics and other tools, we can provide you with an insight of your website.

Within an SEO plan, we include a bi-weekly report on the traffic of the site, the keyword performance and a competitors analysis in order to provide you with a deep knowledge of where you are at the time of starting and show you the improvements made during the process.

The Web Centre Dublin SEO Services include an extended analysis of the needs of the presence online of your company, in depth research of your competitors, a wide keyword analysis, including those long tail keywords that can get you more qualified audience. Furthermore we will use professional tools to track your position for the most important keywords for your business and your competitors’ in order to beat them in the most effective way.

SEO is the new way to be found and keeping it under control requires a customised and  professional plan.