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Social Media Marketing

Not all Social Media platforms are the same. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses as a Social Media Marketing tool and there is an art to knowing exactly which one will work for your business. A targeted social media campaign allows you to reach your target audience through more personal channels, this way they can share with friends and family, possibly with the same interests.


Social Media Marketing helps businesses to get more traffic for their sites, pushing them in search engines, like Google, and getting more clients and sales. But the point is to know how to make that happen. It is not a matter of publishing anything on Facebook or tweeting random information about the company. A successful Social Media Marketing strategy pursues goals in line with the general business objectives included in a Marketing plan. All publications should somehow support  the general strategy of the company.

Social Media Integration

The Web Centre studies it’s client’s business and builds a Social Media Marketing plan, identifying the best platforms, proposing appropriate content and tracking the results of each campaign. We pair social media campaigns with targeted landing pages and engaging content, always bearing SEO best practices in mind, to get more traffic and, eventually, more conversions.


We include Social Media in our SEO plans, as an important part of an off page optimisation of a website. Tell us about your business goal and we will look for the best Social Media platforms to help you to achieve them.

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