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User Experience Design

A good user experience design will make visitors stay longer on your site. When they find what they are looking for, fast and straightforward, this is a good user experience.


There are important factors that make your site more comfortable and readable for the user and they should be taken into account carefully. The first step is understanding what people want from websites and how they look for information. Once that is clear the structure of the content should be designed according to that, to take advantage of it and get the users engaged.


Customisation of User Experience

The Web Centre puts together all that information about your visitors and comes up with a user experience design from the very homepage. We study how your users interact with your site and we propose menus, forms, product pages and other solutions that better meet their needs.


There are many elements involved such as graphics, video, audio, and other visual components that are motivating interactions and that should work perfectly. Otherwise the user experience design would be disappointing and fruitless.


The user experience design has to do with visual elements, but with content as well. At The Web Centre we advise on how to display the content, in order to balance information with advertising and design with functionality.

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