A Content Management System, as its name would describe, is a system that allows you to manage your website content. Normally websites are created in code and this means that you need technical knowledge to add, edit or delete content. However, a content management system has a user interface that makes interacting with your website a lot easier, without requiring any technical knowledge.

Benefits of Content Management System

A Content Management System can offer many benefits:

1. You have control without the need of technical knowledge.

Even users without any technical knowledge can create, edit and save new content on the site without risk of changing any code/design on the website.

2. Quick and easy content management.

Creating, adding and reviewing content becomes easy and can be done from everywhere with an internet connection.

3. Allow multiple users.

There are different levels of control that you can give to each of the users that accesses the CMS.  This system gives you more freedom on who writes, edits or publishes the content.  Also, you can track which user made the changes.

4. Brand Consistency.

All the pages will be consistent in their appearance and all the resources (modules, images, audio and video files, etc.) can be shared by all the users.

5. Reduce cost.

As non-technical users can add new content, there are fewer developer hours needed to manage the site.  This will reduce your bills.

6. Search Engine Optimisation friendly.

Content management systems are SEO friendly and highly important these days.

Best Content Management System


There are many content management systems out there Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe, Cushy CMS, Frog CMS, etc. but at The Web Centre, our favourite content management system is WordPress.  Wordpress is not only our favourite, it is also the most used Content Management System worldwide, with a market share of 59.7%.

WordPress offers a huge flexibility to developers, as has more than 50,000 plugins available, it is highly customisable and has fewer setup, customisation and maintenance costs than other content management systems. 


In addition, WordPress is a highly secure CMS, as the WordPress team is always monitoring and improving its security.  And in case you want to increase the default security, there are many plugins built with this intention.

Moreover, it exists within a huge WordPress Community and its support forums are highly active and responsive. So if there is an issue, there is plenty of support out there. 


Content Management System and SEO

If you’re not convinced of using a Content Management System yet, check how can improve your SEO.

For us, WordPress it is also the best content management system for SEO purposes:

1. Most available themes are optimised for SEO.

2. There are many SEO plugins, two of the most popular are:


3. Allows sharing of content on Social Media channels.

Social Media signals help to improve the image that you’re offering to Google.

In conclusion, a content management system can make your life much easier, save you time and improve your SEO.

Let us build your website, we have more than 19 years experience as web designers/developers and many of our websites have been built in WordPress.