You might ask this question yourself when there are 100s of easy to build software on the internet. But building a website yourself and a professional designer makes a lot of difference. The designer put in years of expertise in building your website. He knows all the web standards as well as a professional look after it is done. Apart from that business owners don’t find time and patience in maintaining and promoting the site. Since the business person is occupied with this own business needs. What are the important aspects while choosing a website designer/programmer?

1) Check the credentials of the designer, is he reliable or will the designer will leave half way of your project. Check with the designer previous employer or clients. They could give you a good feedback on it.

2) Choose the designer carefully going through the previous work or portfolio. Don’t go ahead with the designer unless seen the designer portfolio. Viewing the portfolio you will get an idea what kind of quality and professionalism you can expect from him.

3) Next step after you are satisfied with the designer is asking for a proposal from him. Ask the designer is there any kind of terms and conditions before starting the project. If so make sure does that work for you too. Some designer may ask for an upfront for the project usually it is 25-40% of the entire cost of the project. Ask the designer what mode of payment he would prefer.

4) Once the terms and conditions are fixed then go ahead and ask for a prototype of the website.

5) Once the designer comes up with the prototype ask for revision unless you get satisfied and think this is what you where looking for.

6) Finalize the website and go ahead upload on to the server.

Follow these steps and increase your chances of successfully hiring a web designer/ web programmer who meets your needs and those of your project.

1: What is the Difference Between a Graphic Designer, a Website Designer and a Developer? How Can They Help Me?

1. Graphic Designers:

  • Graphic designers focus on creating images.
  • They do not design websites, but some may have a talent for it.
  • They will not code up a website for you.

2. Website Designers:

  • Website designers translate what you have in mind (or your vision) into an actual, tangible website.
  • They design the entire website layout for you, and will create all the images and graphics that form part of the web design.
  • They have a good coding knowledge to code up a website. However, their coding chops are not as robust as developers (coder).

3.Developers / Coders:

  • Good developers can build almost any type of website you can think of.
  • Most developers are not good designers. So don’t rely on a developer to design your website.
  • A capable developer and a good graphic designer can make a great team. But this approach has its own pros and cons.


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