Are you wondering how to write a small business blog? Don’t worry, here you will find all the answers you need. We will tell you why it is a great idea to start blogging about your products, how to do it and which topics you could talk about. Keep reading and you will find out the benefits of being a reference for your potential customers in the field where your company is the master.

Why should you run a small business blog?

The first question is why? Is a blog that important? A business blog can be a powerful tool to increase more traffic to your site and build a reputation in the kind of area your products or services are about. The first thing is clarifying what a blog is. According to Hubspot, “blogging is the act of creating short-form content“. The rest of a website is static, it means that it doesn’t change. However the blog is the dynamic part of a website, where one can update information and add new content regularly. This has two immediate benefits:

  • Rank better in search engines. Yes, blogging hugely helps your SEO. Nobody can deny this fact. Every time new optimised content is uploaded to a site the keywords used in it push the site in the Search Engine Page Results. It is very difficult to be focused on different keywords when you just have static pages within a website. Nevertheless, a blog lets us generate constant texts including new important keywords that can attract potential customers.[Tweet “Blogging hugely helps your SEO. Nobody can deny this fact.”]
    Here’s an example: A company sells cakes. They have a nice website focused on keywords like “best bakery in Dublin”.  They are well positioned for that keyword, but they are stuck in that kind of search. If they wrote a blog they will be able to talk about recipes and post things under the title “How to do the best sponge cake”. The keyword here would be “best sponge cake” and when someone looks for places where to buy sponge cakes the post would show up in the results page and, therefore, the website. This increases the possibilities of reaching new customers from users that are interested in the product.
  • Show that the company is up to date with topics related with their products and services and connected with their potential customers. This is really important in terms of reputation. A blog is a way to expose the professional knowledge about the products and services the organisation is offering. With great and appropriate content the user will feel the company is the solution to that problem they need to fix as it is the place where they are finding the answers.

Tips on how to create a great blog

A good blog requires require long-term intensive care.  It is not just a matter of writing, simple and plain text. There are elements that make it more readable, attractive and useful for the user (by user we mean potential customers) and it is vital to take care of customers.

  1. Content Management System

This is an important decision. A Content Management System (CMS) is a software that provides web edition tools with basic options for those with little knowledge of web programming languages. The most famous ones are WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla and all of them offer themes or templates to easily define the appearance of the blog.

The customisation will depend on the level of professionalism of the technical team behind of the site, but almost anybody can run a blog without getting into too much trouble.

Aspects to pay attention to at the time to choose a theme for a small business blog are:

  • Difficulty of use.
  • Community and availability of support. Questions will come up and it is important to have resources to know the answers.
  • Choice of themes. The more options you have the easier it will be to find the kind of template you need. To help with making this decision we recommend our post about how to choose the best WordPress business theme.
  • Cost of premium themes.

Infographic about Content Management Systems


2. Choose the line and the tone

The blog will speak on behalf of the company. The tone and the style will define the spirit of the brand as well, so the content should be always consistent with the choice made. The line or the guiding theme is essential when creating a small business blog. The keywords should be related to it and this will be behind all the posts created for the blog.

Going back to the first example above, if a company sells cakes and their blog is about cooking, recipes, and things related to that it wouldn’t fit to write a post about politics or even luxury restaurants. The visitors won’t find anything like that in the rest of the site and the effort to attract them with the intention of engaging them afterwords will have been in vain.

There is range of topics one can talk about within a blog, it has to be as varied as you want, as long as it is always linked to your products or service.


3. Keywords

We won’t spend too much time talking about this as it deserves a specific post and we will write it shortly. But just remember that behind a post must be the intention of solving problems for a potential customer and, therefore, a keyword that makes that search possible in Google.

You have to think carefully about the words that better define the information you are providing and use them in the content. The presence of keywords has to be enough to make search engines understand that the post is the answer for that particular keyword and it should be in their page result. This article about keywords and blogging will help you to better understand the role of the keywords in your marketing strategy.


4. Readability

All of us have been victims of dreadful articles full of text, without spaces or images, with small fonts and no structure. And all of us know as well what is the instinctive reaction to that: escape! We don’t want our potential customers run away. Therefore, it is vital to write a business blog that people enjoy. Make it light and fun if possible. Interesting and catchy, always thinking of what you would like to read. The main guidelines on readability are:

  • Nice and clear font (it means big enough and dark enough to avoid eye fatigue)
  • Not too long paragraphs.
  • Spaces between lines and paragraphs.
  • Images. Include images, infographics, videos and any visual content that can support the text and make it more viral for social media.
  • No too much capital letters (they are not easy to read and they can mean the person is shouting).
  • Good content. For knowing how to write here are 44 tips from writers to get ideas.


What to talk about in my small business blog?

Well, this really depends on what you are selling or offering. But, as I said before, a post should always be an answer to a problem from a potential customer. The blog can be as you want, specific or general, but related to your marketing goals.[Tweet “The blog can be as you want, specific or general, but related to your marketing goals.”]

Again, the keywords are the way that the user will find your post, so it is really important to have a keyword strategy present and to optimise the content according to that. Beyond that the topics could be:

  • Tips on the use of your products.
  • Instructions to create something with your products or services.
  • Information about the products or service educating the potential and current customers.
  • News on the sector of the company.
  • Guidelines on tools related with the products or services offered by the company.
  • Guest blogging (an expert writing in the business blog) talking about something interesting for the user of the products or services sold by the company.

We have selected three good examples of business blogs. Companies that are working in their digital marketing strategies through a content strategy.

Bplans Screenshot of the business blog of Bplans

This company sells business planning software and they have created a blog where they offer content like business plans ideas, templates,  business calculators and other useful tools. Very well designed and useful for their business goals.


HubSpot Business blog of Hubspot

The guys from HubSpot know how to make us all believe they are the point of reference for all the things related with Digital Marketing. This is a great example on how to improve your brand awareness and reputation using a blog. Actually they offer three different blogs in their website.





Blender BottleScreen shot of Blender Bottle blog

This company sells bottles for sportspeople. But with that excuse they have been able to create a smart blog where they offer tips on food, health, sport…and everything that can get the visitor engaged. The topics are really consistent with the products they sell and they are offering an extra value the user and the customers.





We hope the post had been handy and you feel ready to start blogging on your own. Don’t wait any longer and start creating your own business blog.

As usual, if you don’t know how to do it you can always ask us.

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